Modern Hand Painted Knife Landscape Oil Paitings For Home Decor

Modern Hand Painted Knife Landscape Oil Paitings For Home Decor
Product Details

Modern Hand painted Knife Landscape Oil Paitings for home decor

This painting is recreated base on some famous knife paintings. We make the details more colorful. The red, orange and some other color all become brightly.

For the textured, you will sea it easily. Most of the palette knife paintings are with heavy texture. The texture has become a sell point of the paintings. People could know the see the different from handpainted and canvas printed easily.

This is an easily painting, But sure it would make your life brightly and colorful!

Product Information:

1. Model Number: MDS-4502

2. Stretched: Yes, by 75px wood stretcher bars

3. Medium: Oil, Canvas, Pine Wood

4. Type: Hand painted

5. Size: 80x2000px, 100x2500px, 120x3000px


Packing & Delivery 

Our client always use two packing way, please check below.


1. Rolled (canvas only)

Rolled with canvas only is the cheapest way.

When you get the paintings, you need to find some pieces in city to help you stretched the paintings.

Or you could stretch the paintings yourself.


2. Stretched ready to hang

All the painting are ready for sale by this way.

If your order is over 200 pieces,

It is suitable for bulk order and send by Sea.


How is our painting be painted?


Our painting and your partner!


Any interested, feel free contact us!

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