Modern Abstract City Oil In Painting

Modern Abstract City Oil In Painting
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Modern Abstract City Oil in Painting

Inspired by the activity of the city, this artwork will enhance any allowance in your home. Oil in Painting is abstruse in design, but hints at the shapes of a city-limits skyline, with skyscrapers reflected on the baptize surface. Texture, curve and arrangement add absorption and abyss to the buildings. This arresting canvas is accomplished in adventurous hues of red and paint on a white background, which creates a clear attending whilst as well suggesting a picture ancillary to the city.

Finished by the duke of a accomplished artist, this artwork will affect with its outstanding superior and workmanship. The textured apparent captures and reflects the ablaze shined on it, for a beautiful, bright aftereffect that can be enjoyed from every angle. Whether you reside in the city-limits or just adulation the arresting attending of this piece, Oil in Painting will accomplish a abundant accession to any room. The section is delivered to your aperture affected and accessible to hang, so just abode it on your bank and bacchanal in your amazing new artwork.


Product Information:

1. Model Number: MDCL-244

2. Stretched: Yes, by 75px wood stretcher bars

3. Medium: Oil, Canvas, Pine Wood

4. Type: Hand painted

5. Size: 600x1200px

Textured  oil in painting.jpg

Packing & Delivery 

Our client always use two packing way, please check below.


1. Rolled (canvas only)

Rolled with canvas only is the cheapest way.

When you get the paintings, you need to find someone in city to help you stretched the paintings.

Or you could stretch the paintings yourself.

Stretched oil painting.jpg

2. Stretched ready to hang

All the painting are ready for sale by this way.

If your order is over 200 pieces,

It is suitable for bulk order and send by Sea.


Is the oil ainting handpainted?


Why choose this Company:


Yihui Arts, equipped with a professional factory, is one of the largest modern abstract city oil in painting manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering customers cheap price. With many professionals at your service, we can assure you the unmatched artistic value of the products.