Handmade Art Paintings By Famous Artists

Handmade Art Paintings By Famous Artists
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Art paintings by famous artists

This art paintings by famous artists shows a highly exaggerated deformation and full of strong shocking stars of the scene. The huge, curly-rotating nebula, the exaggerated starlight, and the incredible orange-yellow moon, was seen by the painter in hallucinations and dizziness. For Van Gogh, the images in the paintings are full of symbols. The moon came out of the lunar eclipse, suggesting that some kind of divine, reminiscent of Van Gogh is pleased to mention the words of Hugo: "God is the lunar eclipse of the lighthouse." And that huge, like the flame of the cypress, and the night sky like flying dragon like the nebula, may symbolize the human struggle and struggle spirit.

In this picture, the landscape between heaven and earth made a strong, powerful pigment paste, along the brush beating track, and filled with bursts of vortex. The whole picture seems to be swallowed up by a turbulent, turbulent torrent. The scenery in the madness, the mountain in the commotion, the moon, the nebula in the rotation, and that rolled around, straight on the clouds cypress, looks like a huge black flames, reflecting the painstaking mood of the painter and crazy fantasy world.


1. Model Number: MDH-1599

2. Stretched:  Stretched, Ready to hang

3. Medium: Oil, Canvas, Pine Wooden bar

4. Type: Hand painted, Abstract, Textured

5. Size: 60x90cm, 90x120cm or Custom

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Packing & Delivery 

These paintings have two different packing Method. Please check below and choose the best one:



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1. Rolled (canvas only)

Rolled with canvas only is the cheapest way.

When you get the paintings, you need to find someone in your city to help you stretched the paintings (Framed shop).

Or you could stretch the paintings yourself.




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2. Stretched ready to hang

All the paintings are ready for sale by this way.

If your order is over 200 pieces,

It is suitable for bulk order and send by Sea.


How to produce a painting?

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Our Company:

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