Wayfair Metal Wall Art Manufacturer

Wayfair Metal Wall Art Manufacturer
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Product Information:

Type: Hand Made

Style: Modern

Subject: Abstract

Medium: MDF Frame, Aluminium Panel, Piant

Model Code: LB 119

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Packaging & Delivery

Shrink film wrap with foam conner protection. Then put into Carton. Like follow pitures:

Wayfair Metal Wall Art Manufacturer

About Yihui Arts

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1. What is metal wall art?

1.Oxide protection to prevent the metal oxidation, quality assurance time twenty years

2.Hand-painted chromatically to polish color layer, this procedure is multiple production process

3.Grinding metal refractor on high quality pure aluminum plates

4.Wooden frame

5.Black flannelette

2. How can I get this metal wall art?

1.Touch us by email with Model Number, Quantity you need.

2.A Price list with cost details can be send to you soon

3.You could pay by T/T, Western Union or Paypal. Then we could arrange the paintings.

4.After you confirm the painting quality by pictures, we will send painting out. Small order by airmail. Bulk order by sea.

Art is global langue, please contact me to talk more details!

Phone: 86-595-86907210

Fax: 86-595-86907301

Email: yihui01(at)artyh.com

Skype: yihuiarts14

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