Modern Metal Wall Art Cross With Girl

Modern Metal Wall Art Cross With Girl
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Design change life!

Modern people pay more and more attention to the quality of life. They no longer choose traditional decorative paintings as household decoration. They think traditional home decoration paintings are boring and old-fashioned, but they are not compatible with modern home decoration design.

Yihui Arts metal painting breakthrough the traditional manufacturing process of decorative painting, selection of high-grade metal plate, the design experience of dozens of excellent fashion into the creative process, bring the 3D plane visual enjoyment for you, the world will bring you to the modern design and creative interaction, high-end and wonderful show.

Yihui Arts with national patent technology, every painting is unique, limited customization, ensure the unique ornamental precious. Every piece of work is made by hand, allowing your home to have a unique decorative painting.

Name: Modern Handmade Cityscape Kohls Metal Wall Art

Size: 60x120cm

Certification: ISO9001, SGS,

Material: Aluminium Metal

Subject: Abstract

Grade: First stage

Brand: Yihui Arts

Paris Eiffel Tower metal wall art cross.jpg

Packing & Delivery

We offer two different packing way for these metal wall art. Please choose the best way to you. 

1. With MDF Frame: 

Modern metal wall art cross with girl

2. Without MDF Frame:

Modern metal wall art cross with girl packing.jpg

How we make this painting.

Modern metal wall art cross with girl.png


1. about the product

Aluminum plate painting is a thin aluminum plate with 2-3mm thick, fine grind out various decorative patterns by hand, and then hand or use machine to paint and paint the works. It is novel, unique, creative and so on. It is the best choice for high-end decoration places, such as clubs, hotels, villas and so on.

2. On the chromatic aberration

Because there is a certain chromatic aberration in every monitor, such as display brand, brightness, detector resolution, contrast adjustment setting, etc., the merchandise is in accordance with the object, but the quality is guaranteed. Please feel free to buy it.

3. On signing

The oil painting is very packed. Please do not let the knife break the canvas by cutting the knives outside when they are dismantling and packing. Please contact us in time to deal with any problems when you sign in.

4. On transportation

Because of the different services of all the express and logistics companies all over the country, we try to choose the express delivery and logistics company to serve you. It is our duty to ensure the safety of the goods to the hands of our relatives. We will actively carry out the whole process of effective dredging and tracking goods, and strive to take your shopping satisfaction as the goal, and strive to continuously improve and improve our service quality. If your relatives misunderstand the express and logistics companies, please contact us and we will deal with them immediately.


Please do not hesitate contact with us if any question, Thank you for your attention!

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Yihui Arts, equipped with a professional factory, is one of the largest modern metal wall art cross with girl manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering customers cheap price. With many professionals at your service, we can assure you the unmatched artistic value of the products.